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Triathlon Tips

Advice on kit, training and racing

Triathlon is an amazing sport for adults and kids, but it can be a bit daunting at first. You need to know what kit to get, how to look after it, and how to use it! When it comes to race day, you’ll be worried about where to go and terrified of doing something silly in front of everyone. Don’t worry, you have nothing to fear, we know because we’ve all been in the same position before. One of the best things about triathlon is how friendly and relaxed it is. Once you’ve taken the first step, the rest is all fun.   


what do i need to get started

When you’re starting out in triathlon you only need some basic kit, you certainly don’t need a top-of-the-range carbon tri bike with a matching super cool aero helmet! 

To start out, you need a swimming costume, goggles, some trainers, a bike and a helmet. In the following sections, we’ll talk in a little more detail about each piece of kit and give you some advice on the best places to buy and what we think is the best kit for the price.

Miguel Indurain TT Kit


You don't need a super bike

To get started in triathlon your bike only needs to go forward when you pedal and be safe. You can use a mountain bike, road bike, or even a BMX if that’s what you have available. When you take part in a race you will notice people use all kinds of different bikes. It is true, however, that once you get into the sport, you might quickly find yourself wanting to trade up to something a bit quicker, but don’t feel like you need to turn up on day one ready to compete with the pros.

If you keep an eye open, you can find really good quality entry-level road bikes on Facebook Marketplace and eBay for under £150. If you keep it in good condition, you should be able to see it for the same price when you’re finished with it. 


Everyone's face is different



wear what's comfortable